F+U International Boarding School

Students of the IB® Diploma Programme are accommodated in the F+U International Boarding School.

The F+U International Boarding School is open to all students from the F+U Group. Thanks to our round-the-clock supervision, foreign students aged 16 years and over can take part in the IB® Diploma Programme or take a language course, complete a professional training or attend a vocational grammar school without the support of their parents.

The F+U International Boarding School offers a safe environment and intensive supervision by pedagogically trained staff that is geared to the special needs of international minors. Our caregivers support the organization of everyday life and are available as contact persons on site. This creates a family community in which the students receive exactly the personal care they need.

This also includes:

  • Homework assistance
  • Full board & joint preparation of meals
  • Psychological counseling
  • Accompaniment of visits to authorities
  • Leisure activities
  • Placement in sports clubs and music schools

The F+U International Boarding School is located on the F+U Campus in the heart of Heidelberg. Our boarding school students are accommodated in spacious, modern double rooms with internet access and en-suite bathrooms. The F+U Campus also includes a canteen, a kiosk, study and community rooms, a library, a fitness centre and a laundry room.

The Heidelberg Private School Centre is also located in the same building complex. The F+U Academy of Languages is only a few minutes away by public transport.

For more information about the F+U International Boarding School, please contact boardingschool.hd@fuu.de.